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We take great pride in honoring the veterans buried at Greenwood Cemetery. Some of them are our grandpas, dads, moms or sisters. We strive to remember them with flags in the summer and with wreaths in the winter each year. 

 As of March 2024, the count of veterans here was


3 Mexican-American War  /  206 Civil War

24 Spanish-American  /  296 World War I    

711 World War II  /  213 Korean Conflict 

140 Vietnam  /  Gulf Wars  /  142 Peace Time

Special Collection: War-time Publications

Greenwood Cemetery was gifted with several issues of a variety of newspapers, magazines and newsletters from WWI and WWII.

Though not a complete collection, we are grateful for what we were given and happy to share them with you. 


The Illustrated London News

  • Broadsheet newsmagazine

  • Owned by Illustrated London News Group

  • Based in London, England

  • 1842-2003

Stars and Stripes.png

The Stars
and Stripes

  • Daily Amercian 
    military tabloid

  • Owned by Defense Media Activity

  • Based in 
    Washington D.C.

  • 1861-current day



  • Armed Forces newspaper in Pacific Ocean areas

  • Published by the Hawaiian Dept., 
    U.S. Army

  • Based in Honolulu, Hawaii

  • 1942-1945


YANK, the
Army Weekly

  • Weekly magazine

  • Published by the United States military during World War II

  • Based in
    New York City

  • June 1942-Dec. 1945

The Sky-Watch.png

The Sky-Watch

  • Weekly newspaper

  • Published by
    and for personnel of Fort Eustis, Newport News, Virginia

  • Years published unknown

Other wartime issues to look for include: The Daily Sketch, the Bristol Evening World, The SpherePWE 404 News, JC Penney's Pay Day


Greenwood Memorial Parks

Sunset at Toll Park

Toll Park

This park with lake views was established to honor veterans who do not have a marker or who are buried at Greenwood in an unknown location. Their names are inscribed on the tablets of this memorial.

GAR Lots

G.A.R. Lots

The G.A.R. (Grand Army of the Republic) purchased various lots around the cemetery to inter the bodies of Civil War veterans who had no family in the area. This is one of those lots. 


American Legion Park

Established for memorials to be placed for WWII soldiers who were killed overseas but their bodies were never brought home. This park was funded by  the American Legion and Greenwood. 


Veterans Honor Garden

Our newest memorial park is dedicated to veterans who have suffered and continue to suffer from PTSD and thoughts of suicide. The Petoskey High School baseball team purchased the flagpole.

GAR Park cannon

G.A.R. Park

G.A.R. Park was established by Greenwood Cemetery and the WRC (Woman’s Relief Corp) to honor the Civil War veterans. The WRC presented the memorial in this park on
May 30, 1889.

Wreaths Across America

Wreaths Across America

On the third Saturday of December each year (since 2013) Greenwood hosts Wreaths Across America. For information, watch our social media channels and sign up for our quarterly newsletter.

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