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About Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery, overlooking beautiful Little Traverse Bay on the western side of the city limits, is a perpetual care municipal cemetery established by the City of Petoskey, Bear Creek Township and Resort Township. One does not have to be a resident of these municipalities to choose Greenwood as a final resting place.

The rolling hills and wooded areas cover more than 100 acres -- many of those acres with a view of the bay. Greenwood shares this lovely piece of land with whitetail deer, turkeys, rabbits, squirrels and other wildlife.

The Board and staff of Greenwood Cemetery take great pride in the work they do in providing a special place for family and friends to remember their loved ones. The cemetery is a special place where we can pause from the hustle of everyday life and spend a few moments looking back, remembering ancestors, reflecting on community founders, meditating, or spending time walking through perpetually-cared-for grounds.

By the Numbers 
  • 105 acres

  • 80 acres are mowed and trimmed. The remainder is woods or hills.

  • Greenwood Cemetery is an approved arboretum and home to more than 1,000 trees including: maple, birch, beech, spruce, white pine, flowering fruit trees and a rare, Copper Beech, which rises majestically in the central area of the cemetery. As such, we endeavor to plant additional trees as often as possible in order to maintain the canopy.


Full and part-time staff cares for records

and grounds and

  • approximately 100 burials each year

  • 10,000+ markers

  • Thousands of shrubs

  • 35,000+ feet of water line

  • 4.4 miles of paved road

  • 2.4 miles of unpaved road

  • 1.6 miles of chain link fence

  • In-ground irrigation

Board members
  • Suzanne Coveyou, Resort Township

  • Sue Fantini, Petoskey

  • Lori Pall, Petoskey

  • Frank Lamberti, Petoskey

  • Joe Hoffman, Bear Creek Township

  • Karl Crawford, Superintendent  email

  • Bart Crawford, Assistant Superintendent

Flowering tree at Greenwood
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