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Donate a Tree

If you would like to donate a tree to be planted in the cemetery in honor of a loved one, contact us at 231-347-6531 or email

Little Traverse Historical Society remembering Luciano Duse

Celia McCartney-Mundt remembering Lynn Duse

Gow Litzenburger ...

Because he loves trees

Northern Michigan Hospital Imaging Department remembering
Dan Firman

Anna Czarnecki remembering

David and Mary Czarnecki 

Jean Holzschu Fiel Faith remembering 
The Brecheisen Family

Jean Holzschu Fiel Faith remembering 
The Holzschu Family

James and Marilyn Cusenza remembering William Cusenza

Celia Mundt remembering
Edna Danser

Donations are $300 for a 2-inch diameter or $600 for a 4-inch diameter tree. Greenwood Cemetery decides the type of tree and location with requests from the family taken into consideration.  One name is included and will be posted here. Any additional names will be $50 each. The tree remains the property of Greenwood Cemetery.  All efforts will be made to keep the tree alive and healthy, but with no guarantee.

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