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Do I have to be a resident of the City of Petoskey, Bear Creek Township or Resort Township to choose Greenwood Cemetery? 

No. People from all over Michigan have chosen Greenwood as their final resting place. Taxpayers in the above three governmental units pay property taxes to help upkeep the cemetery, so those who are not residents are required to pay a small surcharge to purchase a lot. The surcharge is not added to any other fees relating to interment. Greenwood Cemetery is open to anyone who wishes it to be their final resting place. 

Do you make burials in the winter?

Greenwood makes burials year-around, but with slightly different rules when there is snow or ice. We charge extra for processions to the gravesite in the winter because of the extra labor involved in making the roads passable and safe. We offer the option of having the mourners assemble at a cemetery parking area for a service and then the burial made following with only the funeral home and cemetery personnel present. 

Do you make burials on Sundays or holidays?

The cemetery does not make burials on Sundays, however, we will on holidays with an additional fee involved for overtime costs. 

Why do you pick up or turn over the flower pots in the fall? 

Small pots of all types under the 10-12” diameter are discarded each fall. Pots larger than that are tipped over to keep them from freezing and breaking. They are tipped back up by cemetery personnel in the spring. Pots of any size that are in disrepair are discarded. 

Why do you remove trinkets and other small items from the beds in the fall? 

Cemetery staff uses large horsepower blowers to clean up leaves. These machines do not discriminate between leaves and small personal items. If lot owners want to save their trinkets, they must be removed prior to October 1 each year. The trinkets and small items are not saved but are discarded immediately. 

May I sell my cemetery lot? 

The lot may be sold back to the cemetery. Greenwood will not recognize sales made any other way. We will purchase the entire lot back for the original purchase price (certain exceptions apply). We will purchase a portion of a lot back if the portion purchased may be resold to another family. 

Why is my black or dark red marker looking gray? 

The water we use in our irrigation system has lime in it. The lime slowly (but not permanently) discolors the darker granites. If your family's monument is particularly affected by this, please let us know. We can change the time of night that your area is irrigated with helps lessen the discoloration. If you want to clean your monument, CLR works well with a soft rag or soft brush. 

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